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Selecting the best academic environment for your child is a pivotal decision. Resurrection Christian School Online stands ready to create an individualized, relaxed, and personal experience for your family.

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Tuition & Fees

The following information provides a basic overview of tuition and registration fees
for enrollment in Resurrection Christian School Online.

*Resurrection Christian School Online students are required to have formal approval from school administration to transfer to RCS Online during their senior year.

Non-refundable Yearly Enrollment Fee (per student)


Annual Student Re-Enrollment Fee


Annual Student First-Time Enrollment Fee
Annual Tuition – Any Enrollment Level (regardless of age)


Per online full-credit course


Per half-credit (semester) course
Additional Fees


Per Student

Payment Plans

Enrollment fees are charged at time of enrollment. RCS Online offers a tuition payment plan, for full-time students only, as follows:

3rd through 5th Grades

Typical load includes 5 subjects

Average Total Tuition of
$3,000 plus registration and testing fees.

6th through 8th Grades

Typical load includes 5 or 6 subjects

Average Total Tuition of
$3,000 - $3,600 plus registration and testing fees.

9th through 12th Grades

The typical load for high school students is 7 subjects

Total Tuition of $4,200 - $4,500
(dependent upon total courses)
plus registration and testing fees.

Have Any Questions?


If you have any additional questions please contact our admissions office at

RCS Online is transforming the way our students create, collaborate, communicate, and critically think.

Ignitia operates on Windows® or Macintosh® operating systems. The minimum system requirements to effectively run Ignitia are as follows:

PDF Reader

  • Adobe Reader version 9 or higher (reports in Ignitia can be generated as a PDF file as well as an HTML or Excel file.)

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome version 64 or higher
  • Firefox version 57 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 (For users of Internet Explorer on Windows 8, Itnigia must be operated in the Desktop version of Internet Explorer.)
  • Safari version 9 or higher

Browser Settings – browsers should be configured with these recommended settings:

  • Passwords: Disable features that automatically save passwords.
  • AutoComplete: Disable AutoComplete, as it often looks like a list of answers from which to choose.
  • Caching: Enable caching, but set browsers to clear the cache when closed.

Network Filtering Considerations

  • *, *, *, *, *, and * must be added to the whitelist of any filtering, proxy or firewall programs/servers in use.


  • JavaScript must be enabled for pages to render correctly.
A school day varies for each child, but the system will give a suggested calendar so the student knows exactly what to do in each subject every day in order to finish by the agreed-upon goal end date. RCS Online will be available for grades 3 thru 12 due to the level of reading required for virtual students. Students may do all the work in one sitting or space it out over the day. Time spent will also vary according to the student’s understanding of the course material. Generally, a student taking a full course load spread over 8 or 9 consecutive months will spend three to five hours a day on the computer.
The student can communicate with their virtual teachers in three ways. The first step is to reach out through the messaging system in Ignitia. (Please note that when contacting a teacher about grading, teachers have 24 hours to reply. When contacting a teacher about grading a project, teachers have 48 hours to respond.) The second step for getting teacher assistance (if the question was not answered sufficiently via the message system) is to set up a phone call during teacher office hours. Students will be given a list of office hours and cell phone numbers for each of their teachers. If the student is still in need of assistance following a written response and a phone call, the student may then arrange a Zoom session with the teacher.
Students enrolled in RCS Online will learn asynchronously moving forward. This means no two students are in the same place at the same time within their course material. They will still receive excellent academics integrated with Biblical teaching. However, the Ignitia curriculum is separate from what on-campus students are learning. Students communicate regularly with their assigned virtual teachers but do not communicate student-to-student, only student to teacher.

RCS Online students learn from a Christian curriculum called Ignitia from Edgenuity (formerly AOP). This is a versatile, online, Christian curriculum that incorporates Christ-centered lessons with a robust class offering. Courses offered at the high school level for RCS Online students will be on-level courses only (no Honors or AP courses). Also, the curriculum used by RCS Online is not the same curriculum as is used by the physical campus. Since on-campus curriculum and RCS Online curriculum are not aligned/identical, we do not advise mid-year transfers. If a student chooses to transfer from in-person to our virtual campus or vise versa, they may not be equipped with the specific course/curriculum understanding to thrive.  View course guide.

RCS Online teachers could be a mix of our current in-person teachers as well as new teachers hired specifically to teach remotely. These new teachers will still be hired by RCS through our standard hiring process and held to the same standards and accountability as our current staff. We also have hired an experienced principal who will oversee and run our RCS Online program, providing a better overall experience for these unique learners.
Our RCS Online students will still be required to participate in chapel; this may occur via live stream or viewed at a later time depending on the time zone/location of the student. For local students, sports participation is also permitted for an additional athletic fee. Any other extracurricular activities offered to in- person students (retreats, dances, electives, etc.) will not be available to RCS Online students.
Tuition is $600 for a yearlong course (1 credit) and $300 for a semester (1/2 credit) course. A typical high school student takes approximately 7 credits a year and a typical elementary/middle school student takes approximately 5 credits a year. This equates to an average cost of $3,000 – $4,200 a year (this will vary depending on course load/selection). In addition, each new student also pays a $200 enrollment fee (this fee is to be paid each time a virtual student begins a new academic school year) and a $50 MAP testing fee.

Yes, online students will graduate with an RCS Diploma and be invited to walk with their graduating class in-person during our graduation ceremony. Students who choose to walk in the graduation ceremony must meet several deadlines throughout their senior year to qualify.

This new online model can be beneficial for families who have unique circumstances and desire to provide academic consistency for their students. These could be military families, missionaries, families who relocate due to job changes, student who thrive online, families who want a Christian education but cannot afford in-person tuition, hybrid homeschoolers, etc. RCS Online opens up the possibility for many families to obtain an excellent Christian education.

RCS Online students need to complete the registration process each year. After your first year of enrollment, the re-enrollment process is much shorter to complete, however it is necessary to register each year in order for your next semester of classes to be released to you. In addition, each year students pay a $200 registration fee during the enrollment/re-enrollment process.