About Us

At Resurrection Christian School Online, we are pleased to provide Christ-centered online education courses for students in grades 3 through 12.

What We're All About

A quality education is an essential part of your child’s development. If you are dissatisfied with public education or find that private schools in your area lack a well-rounded curriculum, RCS Online offers a viable alternative for your family.

Through our online schooling program (fully accredited with certified educators, unlike most homeschooling programs), we provide unique and convenient methods for expanding your child’s horizons while keeping him/her grounded in the foundations of a Christ-based education.

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A Quality Christian Education

As an online Christian school, we offer parents a way to immerse your children in Christian education without the high costs expected by most private schools. Our fully-accredited online program caters to full-time and part-time students. We only charge a per-course tuition fee, which enables you to design and implement your child’s education to reflect his/her individual needs.

Enrolling is easy using our Online Application.

Faculty and Staff

Each of the educators at RCS Online are state-certified in the subject they teach.

The quality of our program hinges on the quality of our amazing teachers.  Our teachers are available, dependable, and dedicated to helping your child succeed.

At Resurrection Christian School Online, each member of our faculty and administration is extensively educated, trained, experienced, and most importantly, has a personal relationship with Christ.

Enrolling is easy using our Online Application.

RCS Online Principal

Mrs. Gail Marten

RCS Superintendent

Dr. Jerry Eshleman

Math 7-12

Tara Johnson

Elementary Teacher

Rachel Marten

All Science 7-12, High School Physical Fitness

Jeremy Sutterfield

Technology and Career Courses 9-12, History 6-8, Language Arts 6-8, Elementary Overflow

Nicole Wells

History 9-12

Jake Pence

English 9-12, Speech

Kacey Lowe

Bible 9-12

Martha Highland


Melissa Carbajal